Breckenridge Theater

  • Breckenridge Theater

Breckenridge Theater

Name: Breckenridge Theater

Location: 121 S. Ridge St.

Use: Theatrical productions, concerts, film screenings, meetings, and guest speakers

Constructed: 1968

Renovated: 2002, 2016

Architect: BHH Partners

Audio Narration: Ken Nelson


Breckenridge Theater has been through several remodels since the 1960’s and 70’s, when it housed The Cow Palace restaurant, a bronze foundry, and finally the landmark Shamus O’ Toole’s Roadhouse saloon before becoming a community theater. The 2002 remodel, funded by the Town and a long list of donors, created a permanent home for the Breckenridge Backstage Theatre, its resident company. Remodeled again in 2016, today’s Breckenridge Theater has a false front, a storefront window, and wooden doors that open onto the Arts District campus. Inside, it sports a contemporary look with a spacious lobby that doubles as a gallery space, and 137 cozy seats. The Backstage continues to offer community-based theatrical productions, and technological upgrades to the facility accommodate a wide range of other cultural offerings, from speakers to intimate concerts.